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Welcome to our team support site!

This is a MEMBER ONLY site intended for IBR's. If you are not already a Lyoness member, please get back to the person who referred you to this site. Thank you and we hope to see you here soon!



1. You must have the account creation PASSCODE in order to create a new account. Because this is a private support site and we are not able to identify everyone who is trying to create an account, you must receive the account creation passcode from your Recommender or Upline. If they do not know it, they can find it on the Home page of this site after they log in. Please do not email Support.

You must enter your FULL NAME, otherwise access will be denied. Business names are not accepted.

3. If you are creating an account for someone else, you must LOG OUT of your account and clear your cookies first. Otherwise the system will merge the two accounts and neither of you will be able to log in to your account. To sign out click on "My Account" on the top right of this page, then click "Log Out".

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    All content of the team support site is as current and accurate as possible based upon company information. Please consult with company materials and with your recommender for business information.

    For questions regarding your Lyoness membership, units, benefits, etc please contact your Recommender or Support Line.

    For questions regarding Events please contact

    Website/login issues contact
    Please visit the Support page for Frequently Asked Questions before sending an email.